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This Month has been a bit of a trying time here at Inkworkz, unfortunatly we lost our top showing bitch BISS  Aust Champion Arndane Letzparty InTheDark, Gloss and I were very close and it has been very heart breaking for my husband and I to have lost such a close friend, she was the life and soul of Inkworkz and was full of joy and fun.

We had some good news which is helping to bring things back to normal here at Inkworkz, first of all our Aust Champion Scotarge Watch The Star Is confirmed pregnant and we expect the patter of little paws on the 4-5-2013  The arrival of The Starwars Litter Arrived on Time 4.5.2013 Here is a photo of the New Borns and below that a photo of our Polish Boy ( Lechy Loo) with his dad enjoying the local beach.

The Transport of our Russian and Polish puppies from their prospective breeders didnt go to smoothly with a trip having to be made to france by Tammy our Uk Breeder Friend to fetch the Russian Boy. However they are now safe and sound with Aunty Tammy and Doing well, we look forward to them arriving in Australia in September 2013, Tammy is doing an awesome job with the boys. The Boys arrived in Australia at the end of october 2013 they spent 30 days in Quarrantine and then arrived at Inkworkz. All however did not go smoothly with our Russian Import Which we had realised in the UK had Health Issues, However our Polish Boy Lechy Loo as he is affectionaly called is in fine health and good form. now settled into his new home. Unfortuantly for our poor Aprelij things were never ment to be, After expert and specialist medical x-rays  and examinations we were informed that our Aprelij , Luizador Aprelij at Inkworkzhad very very bad Hip Displacia, Degenerative Joint Desease, and Stifle Effusion, Entropion. His pain to walk and move around very bad to the point The Specialist advised he would have a very very poor quality of life and he expected no more than 2 years max. To say we were shocked was an understatement for a dog of 15 months old. We did the kindest thing for him and he is now with our past danes at Rainbow Bridge, R.I.P Big Boy We miss you.