Booking In

On arrival at inkworkz we will require your pets vacination certificates and vet details, your address and proof of identity such as driving license.

A booking form completed with your pets details, likes and dislikes any illnesses or alergic reactions.

Payment in full at time of booking in.

If required any special diet, bedding or toys.

Opening times- 7am to 18.00 hrs by prior appointment. 7 days a week , 365 days a year.

Please Note Holiday periods book fast so please bear this in mind when looking at kenneling your fur kids.

Our Services are limited to 10 dogs at any one time for your pets undivided attention.

Swimming facility- should your fur kids like a swim this can be arranged at extra cost $10 per session gives your dog a 10 Min Swim supervised at all times in our heated pool.

Prices- $30 per dog per day or part there of. We Welcome Inspections any time between 9am and 6pm

Seure and Modern, Three Large Exersice areas, Large Modern Kennels and Runs.